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Stephentown Federated Church

1513 Garfield Road, Stephentown, NY




Devotions by Bonnie & Music by Bev

February 2023

Shine Jesus Shine

   (Play as you read the devotional.)

Shine Jesus Shine

Let’s go back to Christmas morning. Your probably thinking, what’s the matter with bonnie, especially since this morning before my morning walk, our thermometer was reading past 40 degrees to 50.

On our Christmas Morning service as I passed by the piano to the choir, I looked at the votives we had used to process into the Candle Light service the night before. There it was, an over powering epiphany. Twelve of the votives had burned wicks from the night before. Yet there was one votive, the thirteenth votive had not been lit and it stood ready to do Christ’s bidding. That pure white wick spoke to me about Jesus’ call to each of us to light our wick and bring His light into the world.

This past Sunday, Pastor Chris before the beginning of worship, was considering a change of format in our bulletin. His question was should his last gift in our worship service, be his carrying the altar candle down the isle and out into the world! It seemed to the few gathered round, his concern was warranted. Ever thoughtful for our community, Pastor Chris brings to us a precedent that we too need to consider and follow. As we walk through the church doors on Sunday morning may we too carry out the light of Christ into our world.

Our world is indeed in need of the shining light Christ calls us to carry out into the world! Jesus speaks of our life showing other people to find God and how to live for Him in Mark 4: 21. “Would anyone light a lamp and then put it under a basket or under a bed to shut out the light? Of course not! A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light will shine.”