Stephentown Federated Church





Pastor's Message

Once again the landscape is bleak; summer’s colors and sounds have evolved into Autumn/Winter.

The turning of the year is not something I take for granted any more. Rather, I seem to be increasingly fascinated by it. The earth knows how to do this. It does it without our permission or our help!

Admittedly, winter is sometimes more difficult to live with, given travel problems and the cold winds. Yet I do not dread it any more. Winter is as necessary for our survival as summer. The time of dormancy and silence is required for growth and expansion. The dark is necessary for new light.

It is the same with our Spiritual Life. Times of silence and isolation are necessary for us to be effective in our chosen work and in our relationships. Advent provides us this perfect blending of physical and spiritual seasons; in our faith we hold this time as “sacred waiting” when we meditate on the coming of the Christ and what that means to us.

At the Federated Church we have long-time, cherished traditions and new ones, both of which connect us to the world we live in. We offer ourselves in service and give thanks for the gifts which allow us to do so.

May we live in such a way during this time of year that our culture can see that we celebrate more than material gain. May we live in a way which reflects the message of the Gospel: taking time for quiet prayer which fuels our generous engagement with a dark world. May we nurture the light within us so that we may reflect the Light. May we grow in and become Light.

Blessings! Rev. Susan