Stephentown Federated Church




Pastor's Sermons

SERMON August 28th

I was supposed to be off today, since the kids were supposed to be here. The guest preacher cancelled due to the weather and the kids left early to beat the storm, so I filled in with very little notice. I played the Neighborhood song, sat in a rocking chair, and changed into slippers and a shawl.

Talked about my wild, exciting and fun Grandma IRENE. She taught me to be flexible, funny and faithful.She was hilarious, and also always comforting. Used the Scripture about Moses and the Burning Bush to discuss encountering God in the crazy - even scary - things that happen.

I had no time to prepare a regular sermon, and didn't want to "wing" it... that wouldn't be honest... so we all discussed it.

Also spoke about what is necessary for the "real life" about which Jesus spoke in the Gospel. I spoke about packing a "Grab and Go" bag in preparation for the hurricane. What would we consider essential? When running for your life, do you really need conditioner? What would be in your "Grab and Go" bag?

What would be in your SPIRITUAL life "Grab and Go?"

What blessings can come from the unexpected!

"Blessed are the flexible, for they bend, and do not break!"

Blessings! Rev. Susan