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Stephentown Federated Church

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Devotions by Bonnie & Music by Bev

October 2021

This Is My Father’s World

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The Landing
I heard them before I saw them, their sound is unmistakable. When I got to the end of our dirt road and out on County 9 there they were, fourteen Canadian Geese. They were in an over 10 acre lawn of a neighbor, part of it planted with rye by Eckhardt Farms. They were not in the field but on the purple carpet of thyme on the manicured lawn. Little did I know how my morning walk for week would be affected by their presence. Even my afternoon walk brought them with me.

The next morning the fourteen had become 20, then on Sunday morning 30. That afternoon as I walked Avery Hand Lane and around Wolf Den, I heard and saw them in V formation flying above the trees. An unusual feeling crept over me. Suddenly I was sad! Sad that they wouldn’t be greeting me in the morning quietness. The field and lawn were free of geese as I walked home.

Not to worry, I found out the next morning. I was over joyed to see them, each day their community growing. Then Eckhardt’s mowed down the rye field, and again they were gone. The next morning I was late getting out and their in the fallen rye field at least 60 Canadian geese. As the sun shone across them they each bowed their heads down, receiving the bounty of the field God and Eckhardt’s had provided. I stood for a long time, watching as this growing community of geese, together bowed in the late morning sun, feasting on the provision that God gives all of us. Oh, that we would daily, together bow our heads in thanksgiving for the provision God daily lays before us. That we would become forever partners in an ever growing community of welcoming grace and provision to one another.

I suspect they go off in the late afternoon to a nearby swamp and creek. There I envision them landing gently on the water, quenching their thirst, again a gift of provision from God. Then returning to the field of rye and wild thyme. This morning I counted more than 90. I shall never forget their bowed heads and their joy in their growing community. Blessings, bonnie