Stephentown Federated Church


Devotions by Bonnie & Music by Bev

May 14

Good morning!
Today’s music goes with Bonnie’s devotion. She has the words to this song . Our words are a little different but this rendition is very special to me. This was the last number that choir sang in our service on March 8th. This was the last time we sang together as a group. This song was sung as the candle was lit remembering the Presbyterian churches in the Albany presbytery. Maybe we can look again and listen to the words In light of our present situation. Don’t forget the Sunday service with Rita Pickett this week at
God bless

Go Light Your World


May 12

Music today is called Show us Christ. Enjoy!
God bless

Memorial Day is coming up in a couple of weeks. I would like to include the pictures of any special military men or woman past or present that you would like honor or remember on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. If you would send me any pictures with or without names I will put them into a special video for that service. Please send photos to Bev at to be included no later than May 19th.

Show Us Christ


May 7

Good morning everyone,
As I struggled to find the right song today to celebrate mothers, grandmothers, and people that are mother figures through their support of others, I came across this 1920 hymn written by the clergyman Arthur Patten. He wrote this to celebrate Mother’s Day. My next question was when did we first celebrate Mother’s Day....1908. This hymn is actually sung to the tune of another old favorite, Faith of Our Fathers. I have written the words down for you to sing along after Bonnie’s devotion. This is a reminder to me and a dedication to the faith and strong beliefs in prayer that my mother left to me and our family. God bless each of you today.

Faith of Our Mothers


May 5

Good morning everyone,
Today’s music Includes five verses of For the Beauty of the Earth.

For the Beauty of the Earth