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General Committee

The Stephentown Federated Church General Committee is the governing committee of the church. The committee is made up of two representatives each from the United Methodist Administrative Board and the Presbyterian Session, the pastor, the church treasurer, the church secretary, and one representative each from the major committees/groups in the church: The Sonshiners Group, Men's Breakfast, Senior Choir, The Methodists, Presbyterians, and Christian Education.

The committee meets on the fourth Monday of each month, at 7:00 PM in the fellowship hall. All church members are welcome to attend. Members may bring issues before the committee, after notifying the Chair. The General committee develops the annual budget and presents the proposed budget to the congregation for voting at the church annual meeting, which is held in January each year. The General committee acts on all major expenditures. The committee acts on personnel issues (hiring, salary increases), based on recommendations from the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee. The committee also acts on recommendations from other committees as needed, including the worship committee and property steward.


Session - Chair - Larry Eckhardt
Men's Breakfast - Don Leab
SonShiners - Barbara Terpening
Facility Chair - Ted Bears
Choir - Bev Westfall
Christian Ed - Joanne Hennig
Secretary - Janet Atwater
Council - Tom Foody
Council - Kate Beach
Session - Malcom Beal