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Summer 2020

Church Finances...
This is a note to let you know the heat in the sanctuary has been turned off. The heat in pierce hall is lowered except for the food pantry time. We are attempting to hold the line on things where we can. Our treasurer is able to continue to pay bills for the church online - electric, phone, insurance, heat, maintenance, our apportionments to Presbytery and United Methodist.

Some folks are asking about the weekly offering. If you feel led to send your offering, put your check in your offering envelope if you have one and mail your check to: Stephentown Federated Church Attn:Treasurer, P.O. Box 10, Stephentown, NY. 12168.

Wednesday 3rd of June 2020




April 1, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The members of the General Committee are sending out this message to inform all of us on the status of our future worship services. Although it’s been a most difficult decision for the members of General Committee to make this decision, we concur with one another and the protocol that the President, Governor Cuomo, and the CDC have put into place.

We have decided to honor these protocols, so we will have no worship services, Sunrise Easter service or church meetings during the month of April. At the end of the month we will again reassess what further protocols we need to continue.

May we lean full into the grace of God, the promises of Jesus Christ, and the guidance and care of the Holy Spirit within us. Let us pray one for the other, knowing the joy we will experience when we again will gather as the body of Christ together in our sanctuary. Amen

The Peace of Christ, bonnie

We welcome you to our website page.

Services are now Online.

Our guest speakers are:
May 31 Rita Pickett
June 7 Reverend Bob Lowenthal
June 14 Rev. Bob Lowenthal
June 21 Rita Pickett
June 28, Reverend Betsye Mowry.

The last three years we have been blessed to have a guest minister each Sunday. The process of finding a new minister to lead our congregation has been slow. We have, however, been very fortunate and blessed to have several ministers that fill the pulpit on a regular basis.

The Search Committee will continue to look for a new Pastor through the Presbyterian part of our Federation. The Worship team continues to plan the weekly special services and works with each of the guest ministers.

The Stephentown Federated Church is a community seeking to glorify God through the use of God-given talents and gifts. As Christians, it is our mission to serve others.