Stephentown Federated Church

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Special Announcements



Margaret Cummings
Funeral Wednesday 10:30
at our church.



Guest speakers
for Sunday Services

March 26, 2017
Rev Betsye Mowry

April 2, 2017
Rev Betsye Mowry

April 9, 2017
Rev Alexandra Lusak Palm Sunday

April 16, 2017
Rev Alexandra Lusak Easter

April 23, 2017
Rev Kathy Duhon

April 30, 2017
Rev Betsye Mowry

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Entire Services


We at the Stephentown Federated Church are an open-hearted and open-minded congregation which is committed to serving our local community and the world. We live our love of God and of the Christ each day by being witness to the message of the Gospel in small and large ways.

Our Worship services are one way that we explore the Scriptures and deepen our relationships with God and one another through mutual prayer and music, and we also acknowledge that we are called to bring that relationship to all those who want or need supportive companionship on life's journey. It is a blessing that those who visit us describe our church as "warm and loving."

The local food pantry, Heavenly Quilters and a variety of prayer and support groups find a physical home at the Federated Church. Each day more people are also finding a spiritual home here.

Our faith is not separate from life; it feeds and informs the role we take in being good citizens of this earth, and we welcome all people to join us for the joy, humor and peace that God brings into our midst!

Blessings and peace....


Rev Susan authored our Welcome statement. While she has retired from serving our church, we choose to keep this statement because it is who we are. This Welcome statement will remain here until we receive a new Pastor.



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